Does Adrianne Palicki have the goods to play Wonder Woman?


We’re sure you’ve all heard by now, Friday Night Lights’ Adrianne Palicki has been cast as Wonder Woman in the pilot being made for NBC. Palicki is 5’11” and her performance as the town vixen on the football drama won her a lot of attention. But does she have what it takes to play a vigilante who is also a successful high-powered executive who enjoys ice cream sleepovers?


Although best known as a blond, Palicki has gone brunette, and seems to match up well with Wonder Woman on that count.


This still from a “powder puff football game” of FNL shows that she’s not afraid of the action.

Aaaaaaand she looks great in her underwear!

Seems well qualified to us.

Now, to fix the horrible, horrible pilot script….


  1. I agree with Sepinwall 1000%. Palicki is amazing in every possible way, and what she did with Tyra on FNL started as “town vixen” but went so far beyond that as to be unrecognizable by the end of Season 3. Plus, she was HILARIOUS as Holly Rocket in “Women In Trouble.” Despite all that, she’s being set up for failure if the advance info on Kelley’s show is correct.

  2. “But does she have what it takes to play a vigilante who is also a successful high powered executive who enjoys ice cream sleepovers?”

    Ugh … yes, the pilot script needs to be rewritten. How about making Diana Prince a military person, again? She can be more than just a secretary in today’s world. Besides, the “successful high-powered executive schtick” belongs to Power Girl … unless this is really going to be a Power Girl tv series masquerading as Wonder Woman.

  3. Having read Palmiotti’s Power Girl, I would love to see that as a television show. Granted, Wonder Woman has a certain dignity which doesn’t work well with that sort of comedy (have there been modern comedic stories with Wonder Woman?) but I see nothing wrong with making her an executive.

    Yeah, we’re a critical society… just read the responses over on The Source blog.

  4. “…but I see nothing wrong with making her an executive.”

    Except then, if there’s ever discussion of a POWER GIRL series/appearance, people are going to scream, “This is a rip-off of Wonder Woman.”

    They may be nothing wrong it, but I’m not sure there’s anything right with it.

    We’re not a critical society … we’re just wondering why people make stupid decisions.

  5. Power Girl is not the only female executive in the DC Universe… there’s also the Crimson Fox. And Carol Ferris. And…?

    Power Girl’s history is so convoluted that the television series could easily rewrite that character. And the only people who will scream will be the fanboys, and this show isn’t for them. (I invoke the “Minx Rule”.)

    And nothing against a great series, but how many of those fanboys actually read Palmiotti’s Power Girl?

  6. Given that Palmiotti’s Power Girl captured the spirit of what comics are about…fun…I’d wager that more fanboys and fangirls read it than didn’t.

  7. I can be considered a fanboy and I read Power Girl under Palmiotti’s care. I loved it. I miss it. It and the new Batgirl is what I want in my comics. Plus I may be odd but I like strong independent female characters that save the world three times a day on consecutive Wednesdays. I do see doom for the show, NBC has flubbed up Heroes, now The Cape, and this could be a show that gets bad executive direction and dooms Wonder Woman. That would be a shame. The actress strikes quite a strong look for Diana I think.