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Digital Comics Sales – Justice League, Wonder Woman, Eternals and Nick Fury – A Few Suggestions on What’s Worth Your Time


You’re not going to believe this, but there are some digital comics sales going on right now, so let’s have a look at what’s new and what might be worth your time.

First up, running through Monday is the “Justice League Sale.”  Here’s the Amazon link and here’s the Comixology link.  This one covers a lot of territory, so there’s plenty to browse and there are some repeat items we’ve talked about in recent months, like the superlative New Frontier and The Nail.  For some items we haven’t pointed out in recent weeks, there’s Jill Thompson’s Eisner Award-winning Wonder Woman: True Amazon.  While it was documented that Dwayne McDuffie was dealing with some heavy handed editorial “suggestions” on his Justice League run, I still enjoyed it and that whole run is here.  Start with The Injustice League.  Another Justice League run that’s fondly remembered is the Morrison/Porter run, which is also on sale.  Now if they’d just get around the to collecting Englehart/Dillon run…

Next up, running through Thursday is the “Celebrated Marvel Stories” sale.  Gosh, but they’re modest.  Here’s the Amazon link.  Here’s the Comixology link.  This is a smaller sale and easier to flip through.  Three things are sticking out to me: Jack Kirby’s 2-volume run on The Eternals is great. Warren Ellis and Stuart Immonen had a short, but hilarious run on Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E.  The James Robinson / ACO Nick Fury run flew completely under the radar and is just flat out fun.

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