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Did you miss us?


We’re back! Damn the torpedoes AND the servers. While the server was down we took a little rest, finished watching season 5 of Lost, went to the gym and ate a cookie. And WE’RE BACK!

So let’s rap, people! No subject is too contentious. Women! Comics! Women AND comics! African Americans in comics! Asians in Comics! One More Day! Twilight! Photo contests! Marvel vs DC! Kirby! Ditko! It’s an OPEN THREAD.

  1. Disney’s Return to Oz. Fantastic and underrated movie. Missed you badly while you wee gone, kept checking every half hour to see if you’d called or left a note. But nothing! you can’t even call your own mother?

  2. The flavor of a turnip is best described as a mildly flavored potato, so what are the best methods of preparation, AND, can they be an entree, or only a side?

  3. Bill, I don;t know about entree, but the greens make excellent salad fodder. Or you can cook them the way spinach is cooked.

  4. There are African-Americans in comics… War Machine, Captain Marvel, Steele, Vathlo Island, Ebony White …

    And George Herriman was mulatto… so he’s “halfrican-American”.

  5. A turnip a MILDLY flavored potato? Come on now — turnip has a far stronger, muskier flavor. I love turnips simply baked and mashed….or baked with other root veggies like parsnips, carrots, yams, etc….add a little olive oil and rosemary and BLAMMO!

  6. It’s always about the elephant in the room. Always the elephant. Just once I’d like to hear something about the 400-pound gorilla.

  7. Just so you know, there’s a blog devoted to Return to Oz. He doesn’t post frequently, but it’s all good stuff.
    And I agree about the quality of this film. Much as I love the original, this is so much stronger and more faithful to the Baum books.
    Peter David wrote a great essay on the film for CBG years ago. I use this essay to make points on storytelling in my advanced storyboarding class.

  8. DARK AVENGERS #13 is creating a bit of a stir online. Some readers are offended by the religious references that imply that God and the Sentry’s powers are the same. Some readers are confused because things don’t make sense; other readers are offended because things don’t make sense. Some other readers think the issue is great.

    Over on the CBR forum, a reader who’s thoroughly familiar with the SENTRY miniseries and other material explained convincingly that Jenkins’s material and the material in DA #13 is (supposed to be) metatextual, a symbol of a writer’s ability to change continuity and cause events — some time later he talks about the Sentry as a great, dramatic character, contradicting himself. A Google search on DA #13, “review,” and “metatext/metatextual” turned up nothing beyond the CBR comments. So, is the Sentry’s story a failure or brilliance that people are failing to recognize?


  9. I wondered what had happened to you.

    I have never really followed this site until this month. I found myself between jobs, loafing out January and decided to just laze the month away watching tv, reading comic books and surfing the internet (and cycling 100 miles) so I got into the habit of chebing CBR, Newsarama, comicsbrongeage, BleedingCool and here, imagine my horror when 2 days ago I couldnt find you ????

    Welcome back

  10. No subject too contentious? Okay, then.

    Where’s the Gaiman/Palmer – Scientology/peekaboo post? It just .. vanished.

    If there were factual errors, a strikethrough and correction is usually sufficient remedy. If the discussion was ‘contentious’ then a stern redirection or closure of comments is the understood precedent. If there are insensitive and offensive comments, they are usually deleted.

    So, who got to you – Scientologists? Puritans? Publicists?

  11. I’m confused. Who’s back?

    I never noticed anyone missing.

    I detect nothing different.

    However, I do detect a faint trace of almonds in the air….



    Hey P.S.; How does everyone like the Human Target tv series so far? IT COMES on AFTER “IDOL”!

  12. So the Sentry is Marvel’s version of Animal Man?
    Metatextual? My brain hurts. Me go read Tiny Titans before Ali starts talking semantics
    As for the gorilla… we do not talk about the gorilla. No shirt no shoes. If it cries, hand it a copy of The Greatest Beppo Stories Ever Told.
    And what about the dead Right Whale in the backyard?

  13. Returns…. I’ll take the second to the right…

    OK, “Return to Neverland” was… exactly what you would expect of post-Nine-Old-Men pre-Pixar Disney. But the original story. Before Disney? Priceless. (Anyone want to illustrate the definitive GN of it?)

  14. Yes, turnip, or rutabaga. I cut them into small chunks, mix other root vegetables ( parsnip, carrot ) with them in a big steel bowl. Add safflower oil, thyme, oregano, and black pepper, stir it all up, then bake on a cookie sheet at 375F for 45 minutes.
    I do the same with sweet potatoes.
    And turnip greens are good too. They’re a bit bitter, nice when mixed with chard, spinach etc.
    Glad you’re back.

  15. Jason, I’m assuming you mean Return to Oz. Yes it was what you’d expect from Disney in that period but that doesn’t make it bad. It lacked the lightness of Wizard of Oz and the books but was very much a reflection of it’s time. Unlike other fantasy movies from around that time, like Neverending Story, I think it’s aged very well. And the production designs were stunning.

  16. Thanks all. I’m a sweet potatoer by tradition and training, but a few holiday ventures included turnips and have diversified the root veggie smatterings of the grocery basket.

  17. I’m an African-American in comix.

    I was also sad when the Beat was down yesterday and now I’m happy as a kid with one hand in the cookie jar that the site’s back up!


  18. No, Peter, when I wrote “Return to Neverland” I actually meant… “Return to Neverland”. As in “second to the right and straight on till morning”.

    And when I asked about artists interested in illustrating the definitive GN of the original story… I meant that too.

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