Diamond Comics Distributors continues to work with the aftermath of a ransomware attack that shut down their website late last week, and delayed shipments of some books this week.

Next week’s books may also have delays in some areas. In an alert to retailers this afternoon Diamond reported that products on sales November 17th will be delivered throughout the week, with all retailers expected to receive their shipments by Friday, November 19. Pick-up times for Diamond Drop Points are also being worked on, but it’s important to note taht some books will arrive on time.

According to a report at Games Radar, Diamond  has regained control of its Diamondcomics.com website, and is working to get other functions back online.

On November 11, Diamond has regained access to its main website (www.DiamondComics.com), and it is now functioning for public usage. 

A representative has also confirmed that the ‘Retailer Services’ portal which it uses to facilitate orders with its client comic shops and bookstores is also back online and functioning. Diamond’s representative re-assured Newsarama that its clients’ data and financial information was not stored on the affected systems, and has not been compromised.

Diamond appears to be well on the way to recovering from this attack, but some Wednesday Warriors may be Thursday or even Friday Warriors next week.

In an update from Diamond on Wednesday, it was noted that this weeks books are similarly arriving over a 2-4 day period for some – but not all – areas.

While the ransomware attack – malware that attacks a computer system and makes it unusable until a ransom is paid – is likely only a temporary setback, it has nontheless been a serious one, with Diamond setting up a separate website to update retailers on product availability.

Updates as they happen.