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Potential changes at Diamond Digital with layoffs


By Todd Allen

It’s been reported that Diamond has laid off three technical staffers: “Dave Bowen (Director of Digital Distribution), Jeff Dillon (Web Development Manager), and Lev Schneider (Programmer).” Bowen’s presence on that report, raised the question of what’s up with Diamond Digital, so I asked iVerse’s Michael Murphy, since iVerse is the engine Diamond Digital runs on.

Says Murphy:

Everything is fine on our end, and things are moving forward positively with Diamond. I expect no delay in the project because of any layoffs.

Obviously I’m not a part of Diamond, so I can’t speak to layoffs in any way, but on a personal level Dave Bowen is a friend and I wish him the best in his future endeavors.

The digital channel is fine and things are moving rapidly here.

At first blush, this shouldn’t effect the day-to-day functions at Diamond Digital since that is mostly outsourced to iVerse. If Diamond was trying to negotiate exclusives, like Comixology has been doing lately, that’s going to have to go through someone else. If true, this is a major leadership change for Diamond Digital and it isn’t immediately clear what that change entails.

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