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Barry Deutsch, a.k.a. Ampersand, has an eagerly awaited graphic novel —HEREVILLE: HOW MIRKA GOT HER SWORD, based on his long-running webcomic — coming out in a few months, but he’s also a political cartoonist, as seen at his Leftycartoons.com website. Warning: leftist views! Click for larger version.

  1. PLONK. Can we PLEASE Talk about actual cartooning and not politics here? No one is changing any minds here except about the relative intelligence of Beat posters. I’m going to remove any posts that don’t talk about Deutsch as a cartoonist and not as who right or wrong or eats babies.

  2. Nothing to say except that Leftycartoons.com is hilarious! Barry you have a new fan and I’ll be keeping an eye out for the ‘Hereville’ GN for sure!

  3. It’s funny, Barry, was just thinking about you the other day. My parents are cleaning out their basement and sent me a box of writing, mostly from my time in the Valley, including a (thankfully never drawn) horrible comic script you were kind enough to critique in…1994? ’95?

    Congrats on the book! Is Diamond going to be carrying it, or should I go the Amazon route?

  4. Thanks Kevin, Eric, Torstan and Jonathan for kind words about my cartoons!

    Torsten, no political cartoon collection plans currently, but I’m sure one will come along eventually… even if it’s one I publish myself. :-D

    Jonathan, long time no see. :-) I hope whatever comments I wrote in ’93 aren’t too cringeworthy to read now.

    The “Hereville” graphic novel will be listed the August issue of the Diamond catalog, which will ship… later this month, I think? Once it’s in, please do ask your comic book shop to pick up a copy for you. I’m told “Hereville” will be a “staff pick,” so hopefully that means it won’t be too hard to find.

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