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Continuing its mission of publishing the highest quality comics from top-notch creators, Desperado Publishing has announced that their two and a half year publishing partnership with Image Comics will come to an end this summer. Black Mist #4, solicited for May 2007, will be the final co-publishing venture between the two publishing companies. Desperado Publishing will begin publishing under its own banner with eight solicited titles this coming July.

“It was just time,” noted Desperado founder and President Joe Pruett. “I want to publicly thank Image Comics for their faith in our company and the enthusiasm that they’ve shown for our line over the last few years. I have no doubt in my mind that the decision to partner with them at our onset has allowed us to survive the turbulence of being a small, specialty press in today’s marketplace. That being said, I’m excited about the possibilities that lay ahead for us.”

“Some people may feel that we’re being overly aggressive with our upcoming publishing schedule (8-10 titles per month), but the fact is that we’re not really a new company—we’ve been publishing for over two years now—but rather an existing company that is expanding by just a few titles per month. We’re just not going to be listed under the Image banner any longer.”

Pruett continued, “We’re trying to ensure that we’re not just throwing unknown commodities out there either. Each title we introduce has an identity about it, whether it’s the creative team or the series itself. Fans will have an idea of what the series is about (such as Negative Burn, Deadworld, Sabre or Dr. Syn) or what the creators have done in the past (such as Ron Marz, P. Craig Russell, Bryan Talbot or Brian Stelfreeze). I think this is what separates Desperado from other companies of similar size as we’re dealing with known commodities for the most part.”

“People have asked what our identity is as a publisher. We believe in providing a home for top writers and artists, with a few talented newcomers mixed in, and allow them to create those personal projects that they’ve been dying to do. I’d like to think everything we do is of the highest quality, but quality is subjective, that’s understandable. The key word I would like to focus on is diversity. The market needs to be diverse if it is to grow in all of the exciting new avenues that are presenting themselves to our industry. We plan to be a part of that movement by allowing our creators to be as diverse with their projects as they need to be, as long as the quality remains high.”

To learn more about Desperado Publishing, their creators and their series, log onto: www.desperadopublishing.com .

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