In keeping with the exponential announced attendance of various “fourth biggest comic-cons” in the US, this weekend’s Denver Comic Con announced a preliminary attendance of 114,900 people. This is above the predicted, record setting attendance of more than 100,000. According to the Denver Post 35,000 people attended on Friday alone and Saturday was a sellout. It wasn’t mentioned if this was overall or daily “turnstile” attendance. This is up sharply from a show which in 2013 drew 40,000 people, but certainly in line with the worldwide growth of nerd-themed events. Last’s years show drew just north of 101,000.

This is more than Phoenix Comicon’s announced 106,096 people,

Unlike in past years, some organizational problems with lines and panels at DCC seem to have been fixed and all reports are of a fun time for all involved this year, at least based on what I’ve read online thus far.

Denver Comic Con is run by a non profit group called Pop Culture Classroom, and is involved with numerous educational events throughout the year.


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