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Demographics: Wonder Woman Around the World


Demographics: Wonder Woman Around the Worldhttp://ift.tt/Jc9sfl

With the announcement of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman by Warner Bros., I wondered just how popular is Wonder Woman around the world and more interestingly, in each country. With there being over 200 countries in the world, I narrowed the focus a bit. I picked countries in various parts of the world that I’d think would be interesting and vary in results. I included nations from every continent (no not Antarctica) and a few that I wanted to choose, like Iran, wouldn’t return any data due to policies in the country (like Facebook being blocked).

Below is the raw data of all of the countries I looked at, and if folks want me to check out others, sound off in the comments below!

While men made up 52.65% of the population in these countries, they accounted for 56.90% of the Wonder Woman fans. If you remove the nations that didn’t have recordable Wonder Woman fans, the male population drops to 52.34%, but increases as Wonder Woman fans to 56.96%.

Green is for the highest value in that column and red is for the lowest. If the space is blank, then the results were below 1,000 fans.

Yes, I know some percentages are above 100. It’s a quirk of the Facebook system of their rounding numbers.

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