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DeMatteis leaves Ardden


Ardden Entertainment has been in the news a bit of late with their relaunch of Atlas Comics, but they are also losing their editor-in-chief, J.M. DeMatteis, who announced on his blog:

After a couple of very enjoyable years as editor-in-chief of Ardden Entertainment—working on Flash Gordon, Casper and the Spectrals and the recently-announced Atlas Comics revival—I’ve decided to take my leave. It’s been a great ride building this new company with Ardden co-publishers Brendan Deneen and Rich Emms—both of whom, I hasten to add, are terrific guys—but, as we’ve all worked together to prep the Atlas material, co-creating the new versions of Grim Ghost, Phoenix and Wulf the Barbarian, it’s become clear that we have different visions of how to proceed. After pondering long and hard, I decided the best thing would be to put on my parachute and exit the Ardden Tower, leaving the Atlas revival in Brendan and Rich’s very capable hands. It was fun flexing my editorial muscles, seeing the comics world from the other side of the desk, and I may do it again one of these days. I wish Brendan, Rich and Jason Goodman’s Atlas team great good luck with the new books.

Blog@Newsarama caught the post and caught up with Ardden’s Brendan Deneen who made it look like an amicable split:

“Rich Emms and I are sad that Marc has decided to move on but as his fan and his friend (not to mention his former manager!), I have learned an incredible amount under his tutelage. His edits on my Flash Gordon scripts were phenomenal and he is a brilliant storyteller. He remains a close friend and I will continue to read all of his material in all its varied forms, just like I’ve been doing for the last couple of decades.”

Deneen sent over the new masthead, which includes himself as e-i-c, and Jim Krueger as Consulting Editor, along with Cody DeMatteis as Managing Editor.

  1. Well.

    Just what the world has been crying out for: 90’s Image versions of old 70’s Atlas characters – who were around for what?? – 15 minutes or so over 35 years ago??

    Not that there’s a dearth of imagination in the industry or anything. Nope.

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