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Defenders #2 preview


The Defenders seems to have been this week’s hit from Marvel. Here’s a preview of issue 2:

DEFENDERS #2 (NOV110487)
Pencils & Cover by TERRY DODSON
FOC – 12/12/11, ON SALE 1/4/12

  1. 1) If Matt Fraction is writing Danny Rand again, that is great.

    2) Who is the girl?

    3) FANBOY ALERT: I just don’t understand how you can put the Silver Surfer in quests on Earth against normal bad guys. His power is cosmic level. He could blow up the whole planet if he wanted.

    He is the coolest character ever created, hands down… but, he’s just in a whole other power class. Unless he’s been powered down or something, like he was when he was first introduced.

    OK, turning my FANBOY engine off now.

  2. Same here, Ed. I’m far from a prude but those two scenes really didn’t work for me and really didn’t do much for either of the characters.
    The stoned-out Silver Surfer being all “I’m totally the falling snow, man” was pretty lame too, imo.
    Probably not pickin’ up #2.

  3. I would of picked up this series if it was $3. It looked like it was a nice stand alone title, which I love. Eg – Thunderbolts and X-Factor. But at $4? No thanks.

    Might instead check out some of the new upcoming Image and DC titles that are still only $3.

  4. Rikk- I hear you. But I’m probably sticking with this title for a bit. The Dodson art is gorgeous, there’s a lot of “nostalgic momentum” here for me and I do like the characters. But,James has a point – it does seem like it should be a $2.99 book.

  5. I am not familiar with this artist, but it looks very motionless, if that makes sense. I don’t get any impression I am watching a sequence of events moving in front of me, I feel like I am looking at snapshots.

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