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Deathstroke? Ben Affleck drops a cryptic tease

Some kind of Deadpool rip off or something

Here’s a fun way to start your Monday morning…with Justice League in the midst of filming, Ben Affleck took to twitter and posted a vague little video that appears to have gotten everyone in a tizzy:


That is definitely Slade Wilson aka Deathstroke, and based on the timing (and aspect ratio) it may be safe to assume that DC’s deadliest assassin may be popping up in Justice League. Will this be set-up for the Batman solo movie? A quick Batman adventure before all the Steppenwolf fighting begins? Something altogether different? We’ll find out next November.

In the meantime, that new Deathstroke comic by Christopher Priest and Carlo Pagulayan sure is good reading.

Update: And Umberto Gonzalez comes through again with info, as he reports that Deathstroke will be the nemesis facing off with Ben Affleck in the new Batman solo film.

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