By Steve Morris

Cap's dental health is worrying

Following on from past killing sprees perpetrated by The Punisher and Wolverine comes a new miniseries from Marvel’s burgeoning ‘…kills the Marvel Universe’ genocide franchise, Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe. Written by Cullen Bunn and drawn by Dalibor Talajic, this four-issue mini will see every character you love and cherish be hacked into pieces, presumably during a disconnected narrative ramble from the crazy protagonist about American Things like football and barbeque and… oh, I don’t know, The B—– In Apartment 23. That’s a thing, right?

With this in mind, things are looking more and more promising for the growing “Hepzibah Army” who have come to dominate the internet over the past few days, mobilising in their thousands to celebrate Cyclops’ bloodthirsty stepmother as she slices up Avengers and shoots Luke Cage with magic space guns. Seeing Wolverine, Punisher and now Deadpool all carve a bloody vengeance through the Marvel Universe,  it’s steadily becoming clear that Marvel are running out of genocide-friendly characters, paving the way for a four issue Hepzibah mini sometime next year. Clearly this is the case.

But let’s focus on this mini for the time being. Starting in Auguest with the Avengers, then moving onto the X-Men, and finally ending up with a Deadpool Vs Punisher matchup, the series will be focused less on the fun, cuddly, jokey Deadpool of late and more on the part where he’s a merciless serial killer and should be put in prison. This will be dark story brings fans a welcome return to the lost art of snuff comics, which we’ve all been deprived of ever since the last series of X-Force ended. In interviews Bunn has been careful not to give too much away about what happens… but handily the four covers give everything away, so we can discuss things in detail. Poor Cyclops!


  1. Finally, a story about Deadpool not screwing around and getting down to what he does best- teaching the rest of the Marvel U it’s place.

  2. I’m slowly reducing the number of Marvel books on my pull-list to zero. I can’t think of a better book to say good-bye to the Marvel Universe.