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EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: Meet “The Long Arm of the Law” in Tyler Boss’s DEAD DOG’S BITE #2

The second issue of the four-part miniseries arrives in stores in April.


Last week saw the release of Dead Dog’s Bite #1, the new Dark Horse Comics series from creator Tyler Boss. The series, described as “Twin Peaks meets Ladybird,” follows teenager Josephine ‘Joe’ Bradley as she and the small town where she lives, Pendermills, look for answers in the disappearance of Joe’s best friend, Cormac Guffin. Now, ahead of its preorder cutoff date, The Beat is proud to present an exclusive preview of Dead Dog’s Bite #2.

Along with the main characters and setup for the series, the first issue of Dead Dog’s Bite also established a bizarre, enthralling tone for the tale, particularly with its use of a strange unnamed narrator who crawls out of manholes and appears without explanation at random points throughout the issue. The issue also sets up the examination of Joe as a girl who has been rocked to her core by Mac’s disappearance, and hints at layers to Joe that will surely be revealed as the series plays out. It’s an excellent debut, and bodes well for how the rest of the series will progress.

Check out the exclusive five-page preview of Dead Dog’s Bite #2, as well as the variant cover for the issue by Josh Hixson, below. The second issue of the four-part miniseries from Dark Horse Comics arrives in stores on Wednesday, April 7th. Preorders for the issue are open until next Monday, March 15th.

Questions begin to arise. Like what exactly is going on here? Joe decides to get into local politics and takes a field trip to a candy factory after hours. All that and a bag of sweets in the second chapter of this thrilling, chilling mystery.

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