In all the uproar over DC’s relaunch, what was once a somewhat robust program for original graphic novels seems to have been lost: no talk of any more Earth One books, and Vertigo’s OGN line is limping along in purgatory.

Thus an Amazon listing for WONDER WOMAN: HAND OF THE GODS by Margaret Weis, Lizz Baldwin, Justiniano, and Walden Wong is of some interest. Weis, a bestselling fantasy author for decades, mentioned it briefly in an audio interview

Margaret Weis: Yeah. My daughter and I wrote a couple of romance novels together and we did a Wonder Woman graphic novel once.

Matthew Peterson: Ah. A Wonder Woman graphic novel, huh?

Margaret Weis: Yes. It’s currently being illustrated right now. It was really neat. We really had a great time.

DC Women Kicking Ass which unearthed the listing, finds more info at Anime Castle.

While a Wonder Woman graphic novel by such a popular author sounds like a great idea, there are a couple of problems here. One is the relaunch and attendant new goals — where do OGNs even fit in any more? The other is the artist’s legal problems; in May, he was charged with possession of child pornography, which would make promoting the book a little weird.



  1. “no talk of any more Earth One books”

    From Yesterday’s Newsarama:

    “After he finished the Superman Secret Origin comic, Frank was said to be working on Batman Earth One with writer Geoff Johns. But with the relaunch, we were curious if that’s still the case. And today we confirmed: Yes, he’s still working on Batman Earth One. The title will be published in a book-sized format similar to Superman Earth One, which is on its second volume by DC exclusive creators J. Michael Straczynski and Shane Davis.”

  2. The Johns/Frank Batman origin book will the be the perfect companion to their Superman origin book, which is neither the companion Superman Earth One book, or the new relaunch DC Comics Superman origin.


  3. And JMS just tweeted the other day that work is still on going with Superman: Earth One Vol 1. I think he expected a spring release…

    As for Wonder Woman: Yeah, I think the Justiniano angle sinks this book. They need to redraw it completely if they want to release it, assuming Justiniano is found guilty.

  4. Bleeding Cool ran some artwork last August, when discussing “lost” Wonder Woman projects.

    OGNs fit in the “other” direct market: libraries. And bookstores. And the general populace who doesn’t care if WW wears pants or a jacket or a skirt. It’s a stand-alone, done-in-one book with almost no continuity, of a character that is highly recognizable. If DC can avoid the pitfalls of Picoult and Evanovich, it should sell well.

    As for Justiniano’s involvement, DC editorial needs to read the book and see if anything can be misconstrued. Otherwise, since when has DC promoted bookstore signings with lesser known artists? (Heck, they didn’t even promote “Superman: True Brit” with John Cleese and/or John Byrne.) It won’t matter to the general public. Could be, by September or November, the general comics fan won’t make the connection.

    The news broke May 10th. DC could have it redrawn, and push it back to November, which would still meet the deadline for Holiday sales.

    Interesting… Random House sent the data out in April, yet it does not appear in Books In Print.

  5. I was wondering what was to become of this book since what I have seen is pretty spectacular. I can’t imagine DC wanting to have this redrawn. They’ve already sunk a LARGE chunk of change on this.
    This certainly presents an unusual challenge for the marketing department.

  6. I’m guessing DC was banking on the Wonder Woman pilot to be picked up and tie the OGN to it.
    DC should just treat the Earth 1 books as the new All Star line.
    They should have had Earth 1 books featuring their Big 7 ( select who you consider to make up the Big 7).
    DC has to realize how to sell their books to people who don’t care at the number on an issue, collars on outfits, or how one story connects with a story from 1985.

  7. “I was wondering what was to become of this book since what I have seen is pretty spectacular. I can’t imagine DC wanting to have this redrawn.”

    If its really that good I don’t think any artist should take a swing at it because then there interpretation of the script may come off as weak in comparison.

  8. I swear, WW fans can’t catch a break. Their bad luck has become comical. They’re like the Red Sox fans of the comic book community. I can’t help but laugh.

  9. I’m guessing that publication of the GN will be delayed until Justiniano’s case is resolved. The artist is innocent until proven guilty, but marketing a book that had him drawing a children’s heroine would lead to very uncomfortable questions and situations.

    If he’s convicted, I’d guess that DC would have to scrap his artwork, regardless of the money already spent on it.


  10. DC did such a terrible job of promoting Tad Williams’ work to his core audience a few years ago. I knew a few people who would buy anything he wrote the second it came out that had no idea he was working on Aquaman for DC.

    I can’t imagine they’ll do much better mobilizing the Dragonlance/Death Gate fanbase. I doubt they’ll even try.

  11. “Publication Cancelled”
    $22.99, HC, no pagination

    Both Amazon and BN.com no longer show the title.

    The “All-Star” line is dead. “All-Star Justice League” was rebranded as “Justice”, and came out mostly on schedule.