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DC unveils 23 new variants for its zombie-ish mega hit, DCEASED

Check out a full gallery of the covers, which are due out in October.


DCeased — a comic in which a techno-virus turns most (if not all) of the DC Universe into zombies – is going to spread throughout DC Comics’ entire publishing line this October.

And it’s going to do it with 23 variant covers. These covers, available for order now, are by a wide range of artist, including Bryan Hitch, Francesco Mattina, Tyler Kirkham, Howard Porter, Jenny Frison, and more. They pretty much uniformly depict the hero of a given title either suffering from or fighting against the virus in DCeased, which spun out of the DCU’s long-looming Anti-Life Equation, always a threat to destroy free will.

DCeased itself will be wrapping up at the end of October, with its sixth issue and conclusion dropping on the final Wednesday. Although, a quick glance at the sales figures (this thing is a massive hit), makes it pretty clear that this story and concept will return, much like a zombie risen from the grave to terrorize Superman. The comic is by writer Tom Taylor and a stable of artists, with Trevor Hairsine taking lead.

Browse the 23 variant covers below…

Action Comics #1016 by Bryan Hitch.
Aquaman #53 by Rafa Sandoval.
Batgirl #40 by Javi Fernandez.
Batman #80 by Francesco Mattina
Batman and the Outsiders #6 by Stephen Segovia
Batman Superman #3 by Paolo Pantalena
Catwoman #16 by Viktor Kalvachev
Deathstroke #48 by Ken Lashley
Detective Comics #1013 by Tyler Kirkham
Flash #80 by Howard Porter
Green Lantern #12 by Riley Rossmo
Harley Quinn #66 by Mauricet
Hawkman #17 by James Harren
Justice League #33 by Jonboy Meyers
Justice League Dark #16 by Toni Infante
Justice League Odyssey #14 by Lucio Parrillo
Red Hood Outlaw #39 by Karl Mostert
Supergirl #35 by Drew Johnson
Superman #16 by Jason Masters
Teen Titans #35 by Lee Garbett
Terrifics #21 by Tony Shasteen
Wonder Woman #80 by Jenny Frison


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