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DC sets up Flashpoint


There is a new DC event speeding towards us — this one spearheaded by Geoff Johns and based around the ultrasonic Flash. Several teasers have been released on the DCU Source blog, all hinting that this will be some kind of alternate reality joint — but today a few more details were released:

FLASHPOINT spans the DC Universe from the dark streets of Gotham to the ruins of Big Ben. It’s an international tale of action and intrigue that impacts an entire universe.

Geoff Johns and Andy Kubert and Sandra Hope are creating an epic five issue series, one with a scope so big and ambitious that there will be fifteen mini series expanding on the events, along with several important one shots.

This afternoon we’ll be announcing fourteen mini series’ titles  – and leaving one a mystery for now, along with the one-shots.

This isn’t a parallel Earth.

This isn’t a mirror world.

This is home.


However, this is a NEW STYLE EVENT in that DC’s strategy involves a series of connected minis while leaving the main titles unchanged (presumably) to avoid the “eventitis” of writers whose perfectly good plans for ongoings are scotched by the need to tie in. Later in the afternoon, DC released the titles of the minis:

Whatever Happened to Gotham City?


Whatever Happened to the World’s Greatest Super Villains?


Whatever Happened to the Aliens?


Whatever Happened to Science & Magic?

Whatever Happened to Europe?

Everything You Know Will Change in a Flash


Wow, the Flash is really going to mess things up, isn’t he?

Regular DC readers are doubtless tingling with anticipation of all this. While this event may be suitable for “beginners” when it eventually comes out, the marketing at this point is definitely aimed at the chosen.

Finally, a historical sidenote: this is not even the first Flashpoint limited series:

What some readers may not realize is that this isn’t the first time DC has published a limited series entitled Flashpoint. And that previous series also featured alternate-reality versions of familiar super-hero characters. Flashpoint was a three-part series released in late 1999. Published under DC’s then-active Elseworlds imprint, it was written by Pat McGreal and illustrated by Norm Breyfogle. I had a vague memory of not only reading the series, but reviewing it as well. A quick web search revealed that I did write about the comic (or at least the first issue) during my days as a staff writer for the now-defunct comics website Psycomic.

UPDATE: Much of the reaction is amazement at the number of minis attached to the event and the potential cost::

That’s means the cost of the event, assuming it’s at the $2.99 price, might be close to $170 depending on the number of one-shots and the minis are only 3 issues.

  1. *yawn*

    “It’s an international tale of action and intrigue that impacts an entire universe.”

    Put a period after “intrigue”. We don’t need any more stories that will impact an entire universe. Not for a while, anyway.

  2. About $145 to buy ALL the comics… not bad if no other titles are released in the time the series and mini-series’ are running.
    But, really, after BLACKEST NIGHT?

  3. Yeah, the scope is huge, and yeah, the price tag for completists is super-sized…but here’s the thing that a lot of people seem to forget:

    You don’t *have* to buy all the tie-ins.

    Personally, I plan on getting the main series, Kid Flash Lost and Citizen Cold, and checking out the World Of Flashpoint, Frankenstein and Secret Seven. That’ll set me back a *lot* less than $150.

  4. I’m actually enjoying the current FLASH series. But I have absolutely zero interest in buying any of the tie-in miniseries. But to be fair, this sounds like it could be structured along similar lines to HOUSE OF M, where the overwhelming majority of the tie-ins were actually just self-contained stories using the altered reality as a backdrop.

  5. I’m excited for the main Flashpoint series but i’ll wait to see who the writer/artist are on the mini-series and one shots before I decide to pick them up or not.

    Some of them sound interesting like Abin Sur The Green Lantern and Emperor Aquaman depending on who the creative teams are I could see myself picking some of those up. Others like The Batman and Deadman mini’s i’ll skip regardless of who writest them because I have no interest in the characters.

    Like always people need to pick and choose what they want and anything they miss on they will be able to pick up in trade form later.

  6. It’s nice to see Cyborg getting featured alongside some of the bigger guys. I always felt like he was a great character who wasn’t really utilized enough outside of the Titans.

  7. whoops.. that’s supposed to say then maybe I’ll care about something DC does.

    My fat fingers weren’t meant to use a virtual keyboard. :(

  8. I’ll be passing on this DC event. No real interest in the Flash, and Johns really seems to be spread too thin over the past few years.

  9. Maybe with this event Johns will explain the resolution of Final Crisis.

    If the main titles are not going to be involved in Flashpoint, who are the artistic teams that are going to do the minis? Sure the writers can hammer out a mini, but the current artists can’t double up their production levels. Is there going to be an influx of new (unproven) talent?

    I’m going to wait on the crossover until the creative teams are announced. But a big DC event written by Johns. Yeah, I’ll buy the main book, no doubt.

  10. “a scope so big and ambitious that there will be fifteen mini series ”

    I was literally doubled over laughing for a good thirty seconds after reading that.

    What I’ve been reading from the DC Universe has dwindled over the years to just the TPBs of Secret Six, and stunts like these are the absolute opposite of what would get me interested again.

  11. If this were offered digitally at about $1 or so per issue, I’d buy them all. Looking back, I used to like crossover events like this. I want to buy them all and have a good time, but past experience has shown these crossovers often aren’t fun. A lot of the fun’s taken out when it costs so much to see what’s going on.

  12. Well, last time I checked, DC Comics wasn’t a nonprofit organization. They cut their prices back, so now they need to make it up by appealing to the completist mentality. Just ignore the whole thing if it bothers you – that’s the beauty of this method.

  13. I’m most excited to find out who the creative teams are at this point. If it’s fifteen ADDITIONAL titles ontop of everything ELSE DC publishes, does that mean we’ll see 15 new writers, or will the regular folks work extra hard for a few months (like, is Geoff Johns going to write eight books for a few months instead of just three or whatever he does now)?

    That big of a temporary expansion seems like it has the potential to send a lot of high-profile work to a lot of folks not currently getting it.

    Or maybe they’ll just have Tony Bedard and Fabian Nicieza write seven miniseries a piece, and Scott McDaniel will draw all 15 (Not to pick on DC’s Go-To Guys For This Sort of Thing; I actually like all three of them pretty well).

  14. To me, this is more of the minis taking place of the individual monthly books for 3 months at a time mainly because if someone adds these minis to their pull lists, there’s more incentive to their costs staying the same because they may already be getting most of these books under their normal titles and therefore more viable to add other minis to fit their budget as well because, well, it’ll only be a 3 issue mini.

  15. I’m excited to see the creative teams as well. Miniseries bode well for keeping the same artists on from issue to issue, as many of them fall behind in deadlines when they do more than 5 or 6 issues in a row but are able to sustain the pace with a limited series. Here’s hoping my husband lands work on at least one of these!

  16. I know others have talked about this, but no where do I see whether regular books will be out at the same time as the minis. If they are, I’ll only get a few. If they aren’t, I’ll be more likely to get a lot more.

    Are there going to be regular DC series along with these minis or not?

  17. Eric Powell has shown me the error of my ways. I will not be buying any of these titles and instead force myself to spend money on independent non-corporate comic books featuring dour navel-gazing non-superhero characters.

  18. Having these comics replace regular DC titles for 3 months would make it easy for some late books to get caught up…

  19. the success or failure of the tie ins will depend on the pedigree of the creators involved. if it’s going to be a pile of j.t. krul and judd winnick level talent, then i plan to stick to just the main series.

  20. Talk about overkill! I will follow the main series and maybe a couple of characters I like, but sure DC does not expect all these series to sell too well. I mean some of these titals like Outsider and Secret Six don’t even sell all that well to begin with. Let’s see how ‘innovative’ this series. Blackest night was an exception where most of the series and spin offs were decent. Usually not so for such large events.

  21. Sooo glad the days of “Events” sucking me into buying every worthless issue associated it with are OVER.

    I’d rather have the main books come out bi-weekly in the summer (like the Big Two did back in the late 80’s/early 90’s) then deal with this useless garbage…

  22. “Whatever Happened to Europe?”

    Seriously? This is the best they can come up with? Whatever happened to creating genuinely exciting marketing copy? Does everything have to be self-referential in the worst possible way?

    Bleah. Bleah, I say.

  23. More Flash-family tie-ins please. I realize it has to touch on the greater DCU as a reality/time travel story with various events but this is the Flash’s brief time to shine. As Blackest Night was for Green Lantern.

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