Alex Segura is now blogging all the DCU news at a new DC blog, The Source:

Basically, The Source is your one-stop shop for all things DC Universe — news, previews, behind-the-scenes info and a direct pipeline to the creators and editors putting together your favorite DC Comics. Whether it’s a first look at an upcoming issue of FLASH: REBIRTH, a quick chat with BATMAN Group Editor Michael Marts, a preliminary sketch from our upcoming RAVAGER co-feature or a link to some of the great content happening elsewhere on the web discussing our stuff, you can find it all here on a regular basis. So, strap in, bookmark the page, post some comments and add the RSS feed. Most importantly, sit back and enjoy your regular dose of DC Universe news.

Before coming to DC, one of Segura’s claims to fame was as the creator of the Great Curve, a group blog which later evolved into [email protected] Newsarama and later still Robot 6, so he obviously has a blogging pedigree. Let’s all welcome him back to the fold!

Plus, this is going to make reading the DC News easier than ever, so we’re happy.


  1. Good to see that as always, DC is on the cutting edge of the zeitgeist, getting the jump on this whole “blogging” fad all the kids are suddenly into.

  2. Great, cannot wait to read it. I hope the new responsibility comes with a raise and a promotion for the deserved Segura. Well, I can hope cant I?