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DC announces new event: BRIGHTEST DAY – UPDATE


DC has announced their next big event, and since it follows BLACKEST NIGHT, it’s called…BRIGHTEST DAY!

However, the event started as PR guru Alex Segura’s longest day, as the Source blog teased a 6 AM wake up call from Dan DiDio to tell Alex all about:

BRIGHTEST DAY, a 26-issue bi-weekly series debuting in April written by…Geoff Johns and Peter Tomasi. The series will tie in with Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps and kick off with a #0 issue drawn by Fernando Pasarin.

BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE. DiDio: “BRIGHTEST DAY isn’t just a single book. Like BLACKEST NIGHT, it’s an event that happens across the entire DC Universe, affecting a number of titles.” Whoa.

For instance, THE FLASH, by Johns and Francis Manapul, gets its own Brightest Day branding. And then there’s Brightest Day: Titans:

DD: TITANS is another series that will fall directly under BRIGHTEST DAY, with Eric Wallace and Fabrizio Fiorentino coming on board, starting with the TITANS: VILLAINS FOR HIRE SPECIAL and then the regular series. We loved the work the two of them did on INK, so we’re excited to see them build a new team of Titans, under the leadership of none other than Deathstroke, the Terminator.

And…Brightest Day: JLA with all new team members and so on .

DiDio and Segura will be chatting again at 3, so we’ll update accordingly.

3:00 update: In yet another completely natural, realistic and utterly unforced conversation, DiDio revealed that recent recruit David Finch will be the BRIGHTEST DAY cover artist.

I see this as a wonderful way to have David touch on all aspects of the DCU, and it gives fans the chance to see his interpretation of the entire DCU and its characters.

Segura begged for more information, but was told he knew enough for one day.

Well, since we’ve discussed so much today, I don’t want to reveal everything about the BRIGHTEST DAY books just yet. But readers should tune in for the rest of the week for more news on BRIGHTEST DAY and the DC Universe in 2010, right here on The Source.

  1. I am speculating that Blackest Night has been a clever way to revive every single DC character who is dead in current continuity.
    More characters leads to more chances for spin-offs, interest, and ultimately dollars. Characters are not useful dead.
    Should be fun.

  2. I really like Johns and am digging Blackest Night, but I’m surprised that DC would try another integrated/crossover (bi)weekly after Countdown.

    I’m concerned, but I’ll at least try it. But after those Countdown spin-off titles DC is kidding themselves if they think I’m going to buy anymore weekly series’ spin-offs.

  3. Perhaps it’s better to think of “Brightest Day” (B.D.) in terms of product promotion, rather than storytelling. “Blackest Night” (B.N.) was a great success as a product, despite content that was predictable months in advance, and content that observers scoffed and sneered at. If the promotion had anything to do with the target audience responding well to B.N., then it’s reasonable to think that B.D. will do just as well — although I doubt that DC is using focus groups for testing.

    It’s interesting that DC is proceeding with B.D. in the absence of an official publisher. How much influence does Diane Nelson have on the matter?


  4. Didio and co. seem to be going for an informal Bullpen Bulletins kinda vibe. It won’t work until they start coming up with their own titles to bestow on readers, like KOTF or FFF. Maybe they should ask Stan Lee how it’s done…

    Deathstroke leading the Titans? Isn’t that like having the Punisher leading Power Pack?

  5. So we’ll see the White Lanterns, I suppose? Probably the opposite of the All Blacks, trying to make the universe a better place. Meanwhile, there will probably be a color war between the different factions, this time with the Oans participating. Can the Whites resurrect the dead? Methinks so, otherwise there will be a lot of A-list characters missing. And I’m still expecting Rot Lop Fan to make an appearance. (Probably in the following event, “Loudest Din”.)

    Meanwhile, there’s a nice Shakespearean epic unfolding in REBELS, as Vril Dox is now a member of the Yellow Lantern Corps, and his son, Brainiac 3, is working for Starro, who is now bipedal. (dun dun DUN!)

  6. “Probably the opposite of the All Blacks, trying to make the universe a better place.”

    Waitaminnit. Are you suggesting that New Zealand’s national rugby team *doesn’t* make the world a better place? ;-)

    ‘Cuz thems fightin’ words for some, I’m sure…

  7. As an example of how the target audience reacts, the CBR forums now have four “Brightest Day” threads, 66 comments total. The DC messageboards have only two threads, 25 comments total. The Newsarama boards have three topics, 26 comments total. Fans get excited at the prospect of big things happening to their favorite characters.


  8. I’m enjoying Blackest Night (and a few of the side miniseries), and I’m not one of those rabid “anti-event” people…. but I could do without these continuous nonstop “events” one right after another. “Event fatigue” indeed! Give us a break DC!

  9. “I am speculating that Blackest Night has been a clever way to revive every single DC character who is dead in current continuity.”

    If DC uses this new “event” to bring back a slew of their deceased characters, well, that’s fine by me (especially if they bring back Ted Kord as Blue Beetle!!!!!!)… DC has killed off way too many of their “B” and “C”-list characters. Of course, come the next “big event,” I’m sure they’ll just fall back into bad habits and start killing off these resurrected characters again.

  10. “As an example of how the target audience reacts…”

    Get back to me once the event hangover sets in a DAY OR TWO LATER; DC fanboys on the ‘net ALWAYS act so excited on the opening day that something new is announced. Not so much when the product actually hits the stands months later, which is why DC’s market share keeps slipping away from them.

  11. Who is the mysterious glowing woman on the JLA cover? She looks like she might be naked, and kinda hot. Even Power Girl looks shocked.

  12. [fanboy mode on]

    I just noticed on that JLA cover that Jesse Quick is apparently back to being Jesse Quick and isn’t Liberty Belle.

    [fanboy mode off]

  13. If I had a dollar for every time DC has teased that their current dark-and-nasty crossover event is setting the stage for them to reintroduce comics that are fun to read… well, I could at least pick up a complete set of multi-color lantern rings at my local comics shop. I would not be surprised to see that the character behind the “Brightest Day” turns out to be everyone’s favorite spandex-wearing rapist, Dr. Light.

  14. Ah, so much better than the previous far-flung big event. Um, like, the difference, it’s like, uh “Night and Day”.

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