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DC announces Gotham by Midnight by Fawkes and Templesmith


The Bat office continues to break the mold! FINALLY a Bat book drawn by Ben Templesmith!

People in my comic book circle have been suggesting this as a no brainer for about five years. His creepy, moody work is tailor made for Gotham.

It’s a horror book natch, called Gotham by Midnight, featuring a bunch of DC’s supernatural characters, written by Ray Fawkes. So Templesmith on The Spectre? You con’t even need a cerebral cortex to know this is a great idea!

Enter the Midnight Shift, Gotham City Police Department’s answer to The X-Files — and the team called in to handle cases outside the depth of the Caped Crusader. Led by Detective Jim Corrigan, they debut in DC Comics’ all-new supernatural/horror adventure book, Gotham by Midnight, on sale Nov. 26.

Spearheaded by a horror comic superteam of writer Ray Fawkes (Constantine, Batman Eternal) and artist Ben Templesmith (30 Days of Night, Ten Grand), Gotham by Midnight spins off from the pages of Batman Eternal but operates independently of that title. And while Bats will be around, because this is set in Gotham, after all, his main function in the book is to liaise with Corrigan.

In this Blastr exclusive, we caught up with Fawkes to discuss the world of Gotham by Midnight, the supernatural sickness that plagues the city, and Fawkes’ own connection to the horror genre. And make certain to check out our exclusive peek at the first cover of GBM, along with Templesmith’s character sketches for the book.


More with Writer Fawkes in the link.


  1. Funny thing. I bought a Batman print from Ben Templesmith at Boston Comic Con on Saturday and told him I thought they should let him draw Batman more. Was more than thrilled to see this. He also told me if I ever meet Frank Miller to tell him he draws Batman like a fruit bat. He was an incredibly gracious, funny, and amazing guy. I truly hope this becomes DC’s new top ten surprise book. Mark Doyle is hitting it out of the park over there.

  2. Gotham City is one of the whitest places I’ve ever seen. I’d be curious to know what their person of color population is.

  3. Why exactly do we want to lock-down Mark Doyle? The Batman line is succeeding only by virtue of Snyder and the fact that everything else DC does sells even worse.

  4. Zach – I think Jonny R appreciates Mark Doyle brings vision to his editorial choices. These new Bat books are coming out under his watch. As for the Bat line only doing well because of Scott Snyder, what a lowball thing to say – the way you dismiss all the other creators on the Bat books and at DC. Just because something isn’t your taste doesn’t mean it’s bad. Does making snarky remarks make you feel good?

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