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DC announces 2 new Bat-books, ARKHAM MANOR and GOTHAM ACADEMY, by unlikely teams


 The Batverse is getting two ongoing spinoff series, according to EW. And not a mention of the “New 52” in the pr….In Arkham Manor, Wayne Manor gets turned into…a home for the insane. Whch could just be Batman and Robin, but you get the point. CReative team is writer Gerry Duggan and artist Shawn Crystal.

In Gotham Academy, it’s Gossip Girl meets Gotham with the adventures at Gotham City’s most prestigious prep school. The words “twisted teenybopping universe” were used. The writers are Becky Cloonan and Brendan Fletcher and artist is Karl Kerschl.  

This is the most non-New 52 book announced since the New 52 started. Actually both covers look very non-New 52ish — could this be the influence of Batman temporary editor Mark Doyle? 

Both books hit in October. 


  1. Seriously non-52 covers?

    Kerschl has been doing Superboy covers.

    And Rafael Albuquerque did art for both Batman and Animal Man.

  2. Well, of course they’re in continuity with the rest of the line; if they weren’t, DC’s regular readers wouldn’t glance at them.

    But Gotham Academy appears to have a somewhat different tone from the anguish and morbidity of most New-52 books, which might be good for giving a little respite to the regular readers, and inviting a few others.

  3. Gotham Academy looks a lot like the never developed animated series called, errr, Gotham Academy. I’ll certainly get it digitally.

  4. I’m completely sold on both books – these are my kind of books, the off-beatness of them and the unlikely creative teams, like you say. As soon as I saw their covers, I reminded me of how WildStorm used to do stuff (the good stuff), not sure why.

    I know folks might complain about there being too many Bat-books. Yet there aren’t really. It’s not like Avengers, where there are 7 books with the word “Avenger” in them. The Batman-related books always feel distinct.

    Yeah, looking forward to these two new DC books.

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