Only a little time to check in here, so no time to go to a news roundup. Last night was a peaceful one, as folks straggled into town. But cabdrivers are dreading the oncoming crush. Much talk about the future of the con, as you can imagine.

We’re off to the ICv2 conference for the afternoon but will have some reports from the conference later on.

ALSO, if you see me and I don’t shake your hand, please don’t think I’m rude — I seem to have developed a bone bruise from over-shaking already and fist bumps are the way of the future.


  1. Also ready to descend into the Madness that IS Comic-Con! Preview Night should be a good taste of what’s to come— crowd size, mood, a/c at the Convention building operational?, what swag to be expected, surprises to be found at the various booths…

    (But still have 4 more hours to go before I can pick up my tix.)

  2. I’d like to thank the three or four people, out of the tens of thousands at Preview Night, who said “excuse me” when either cutting in front of me or bumping into me.

    Non-schmoozing highlight of the night: seeing a woman who was waiting in line to get her pro badge wearing flip flops change into four-inch heels when before going into the exhibit hall.

    Also on the plus side, I quadrupled the highest number I’ve gotten in three months on the pedometer I’m now carrying. And tomorrow could break it I bet.

    And glad to see friends not seen in years. It makes better up with the unwashed masses worth itl.

  3. Just got back. Picked up the check-in bag o’goodies: nice touch in having Rick Geary provide the covers for both the Events Guide and Souvenier Book (whose year-by-year look back at SDCC history makes a nice complement to that COMIC-CON 40 Years of Artists, Writers, Fans & Friends hardback I also picked up).

    I think the biggest surprise of the Con so far was found on p.8 of the Events Guide: next year’s Pre-Reg for all 4 days will cost you $100!
    ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS, up from last year’s Pre-Reg of $65— and it doesn’t seem that there’ll be an on-site discount from the regular price either.

    I’m guessing all those High and Jr. High School students I saw today on Preview Night will be prohibitally priced out of going to SDCC next year…

    THIS is the “turning point” of Comic-Con.