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David Jesus Vignolli explores colonization and the supernatural in ‘New World’


Cartoonist David Jesus Vignolli  got some notice for his debut GN A Girl in The Himalayas, earlier this year, and he’s just announced a new book for August 2019: New World. Publisher Boom/Archaia describes it thusly:

The discovery of the Americas forever changed the landscape of the world as cultures collided with violent consequences. But there’s another story you don’t know, one of a supernatural force that united a heroic trio in opposition – a Native Indian seeking revenge against those who invaded her land, an African musician fighting for freedom against those who enslaved him, and a Portuguese sailor in search of redemption. These three unlikely heroes, connected by fate, will work together to free the New World from the darkness of the old.

NEW WORLD is a timely story about the ways our differences unite us in our darkest hours, intertwining the cultures of Vignolli’s personal heritage to explore the European discovery of the Americas with a vibrant blend of fantasy and history.

“Writing NEW WORLD for me was like digging deep into the roots of my ancestry. I have a black mother originating from the slaves brought to Brazil by Portuguese sailors and a white father whose forefathers came from Portugal and Italy and, somewhere along the way some Native Indian folks in my family tree” Vignolli said in a statement. “NEW WORLD is set in 16th century around the time America was discovered, and it tells the story of the encounter of those three continents: America, Africa and Europe, through the eyes of a young Native American girl. Although it’s a fantasy it’s based on real historical facts. In a way, NEW WORLD is the story of how I came into being.”

You can see the cover above, but Vignolli previewed a few pages on his blog and his bold, graphic style seems well equipped to tell this story.


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