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Dave Johnson picks the cover of the year


Remember when Dave Johnson started that blog devoted to cover design — with actual criticism for covers that don’t work? Well, he’s still at it with both picks and pans. You’ll have to go to the blog to find out of which cover Johnson wrote this:

 Okay, here we get another pin-up cover, *sigh*. Besides the girl in the front, whom I’m assuming is Power Girl of the Fairy Realm because of those costume colors and giant balloon titties, the main reason for calling out this cover is the chick behind her. Now let me get this straight. She has fabric that hangs BELOW her ass? Maybe in this fantasy world, the middle part of the back of one’s legs is what really drives men mad with lust, and she being a modest girl likes to keep that shit locked up tight, as to not be considered a whore. Got it. Also, once again, a poor use of a photo background for the lazy artist.

He’s also posted his own covers for criticism, resulting in some lively comments. Johnson, just picked his cover of the year, and it’s by Jock:

Hard to argue with this, at least from the mainstream perspective.

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