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Dark Horse’s Moebius Library continues with ‘Inside Moebius Part 1’ in 2018


When Dark Horse announced they were bringing the works of the great Jean “Moebius” Giraud back into print in English there was a lot of excitement. A gorgeous volume, The World of Edena came out last year with the follow up, The Art of Edena due in this December.  And while there’s still no sign of Arzak, he’ll be appearing in Moebius Library: Inside Moebius Part 1, a reality bending work which Dark Horse will start reprinting early in 2018:

Dark Horse is working closely with Moebius Production in France to produce the beginning of Moebius’s intensely personal project in English for the first time. Moebius Library: Inside Moebius Part 1 follows Moebius as he explores both his mind and the beautiful, expansive desert of his own creation. Moebius draws himself encountering some of his favorite characters—creations like Blueberry, Arzak, and Major Grubert—and also meets a younger version of himself as some hard realities from life encroach upon his reveries. A six-part study, Moebius Library: Inside Moebius Part 1 collects the first two chapters in this fantastic exploration of a creator meeting his own creations. Dark Horse will release all parts to this exceptional, intimate series in 2018!

Moebius Library: Inside Moebius Part 1 goes on sale February 7, 2018, and is available for preorder on AmazonBarnes & Noble, and at your local comic shop. Visit DarkHorse.com for more information.

Moebius is on everyone’s top 10 cartoonist list, and this sounds like a fascinating look inside his creative process.



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