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Dark Horse: Welcome to Milwaukie


For some reason, we’ve seen very very few pictures of the Dark Horse offices on the internet. Maybe because we never looked? But now that void has been filled by Henry Chamberlain who visited with his daughter and snaps some nice pics. Somehow, we always knew what Dark Horse would look like, right down to marketing director Jeremy Atkins wandering across the street.

I began my visit with Director of Publicity, Jeremy Atkins. His path in life began with a love for the basics: indie music, vegan food and sustainability. And, after college, he found a home with Dark Horse. His passion for the authentic has come through in his desire to see the local comics shop thrive. “Fifty percent of our market is the 3,000 comics shops we distribute to.” During our conversation, Atkins points across the street, “That car repair shop. That’s the same place that Mike’s dad worked – up to the day he died. And down a block is where Mike opened up his first comics shop. Mike never forgot his roots. When others moved on and never came back, he chose to build his dreams in the town he grew up in.”

More pics of Aub Driver and Scott Aile in a diner and Mike Richardson in his office, along with quotes in the link.

  1. On that shelf with the new product…

    Is that a stack of Steranko Red Tide books just waiting to ship? Dare I hope?

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