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Dark Horse Tease New Serenity Comics Coming Soon


Dark Horse have sent across an image revealing that they’ll soon be returning to the world of Joss Whedon’s Firefly/Serenity franchise, which jumped from television to film to comics a few years back. The teaser images, tagged #wheresserenity?, indicate that the company will be unveiling some new stories set in the Universe shortly.


That first teaser is a rather nice reminder that the internet doesn’t need to stop with static images. But the second teaser suggests the presence of a character whom I can’t name here, for fear it’ll spoil the story. Fans will know what’s going on when they see this leaf in the wind, however:


  1. Serenity has been well written, but the art’s not great. Love to see JK Woodward, Gordon Purcell or Jerome Moore take a shot at the art!

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