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Dark Horse Presents leaves MySpace


Lost in all the excitement over Gilbert Hernandez’s new superhero Dreamstar last week, is the fact that Dark Horse Presents has left MySpace. Given the social networking site’s unfriending of hundred of employees — including those that ran the comics site — this is pretty low on the surprise meter. ICv2 caught up with editor Sierra Hahn for more info:

The new issue of Dark Horse Presents isn’t up on the Dark Horse My Space pages, which don’t seem to have changed in quite a while. Why did you elect to put it up on the Dark Horse site?

The issue currently on MySpace Dark Horse Presents is issue #23 and went live on June 3rd. Issue #24 was supposed to go live on MySpace on July 1st, but due to the unforeseen layoffs at MySpace, and the changes made with the department that we’ve worked closely with for the last two years, it was clear that we weren’t going to be able to post issue #24 on time. The artists on these projects have worked hard these last months to generate great content for the newest issue, and I didn’t want readers to miss their Dark Horse Presents fix. So when we realized that it was too soon to sort out the changes with MySpace, we decided to host the newest issue on our site.

The latest issue contains the almost greatest yaoi moment ever, in a Buffy story by Joss Whedon and Jo Chen, new Matt Kindt and Mike Lawrence, as well.

  1. It won’t load for me. :(

    Anyways, this is sad. DHP is one of the best anthologies out there today, imo. They continually use and support the many talented people out there involved in comic books and I love reading and buying their stuff. Hopefully, they soon find a way to get this back online.

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