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Dark Horse offers in-store digital downloads


Announced only via tweet from retailer Chris Butcher at this morning’s Diamond retailer’s breakfast. Dark Horse is announcing exclusive in-store downloads for those buying their digital comics, which will be priced at $1.49, according to Milton Griepp yesterday.

Dark Horse just announced that they’re setting up digital comics downloads with exclusive downloads available in comic stores.

These kinds of store exclusives were a hot topic at yesterday’s comics and digital conference. They are already available for video games, and bringing them into the comics sphere is a pretty big move. Dark Horse will have more info at their 5:45 panel today.

  1. Heidi, do we know if these are the same things? The digital comics being $1.49 and this being the content Dark Horse are providing instore?

    I mean they might be, but could these be two different digital strands?

  2. Love this idea. Building foot traffic to the retailers and making them part of the new digital distribution chain. Brilliant!
    Please keep the price point low!

  3. Wonderful. I can spend money on gas to drive all the way to a store in order to get one of them newfangled “computer download” things.

    Way to leverage the computer age with the buggy-whip age. Sigh.

  4. Come on Steve. We HAVE to support the brick and Mortar of the industry. Look what happened to music industry. Where do you go to buy cd’s now?

  5. Yes. Exactly. Toys R Us did that with the Pokemon video game. Bring the game and you DSi to the store, download a special Pokemon.

    Barnes & Noble does the same with the nook.

    Get them in the store, then sell them something! Selling 101.

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