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Dan Piraro wins the Reuben


Via email from Hogan’s Alley, the winners of the Reuben Awards from the National Cartoonists Society:

Seth MacFarlane won the Television Animation division award.
Ronnie del Carmen won the Feature Animation division award.
Tom Richmond was the Newspaper Illustration division award.
Glenn McCoy won the Gag Cartoon division award.
Debbie Tommasi won the Greeting Card division award.
Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman won the Newspaper Comic Strip division award.
Hilary Price won the Newspaper Panel division award.
Ray Alma won the Magazine Illustration division award.
Dave Whamond won the Book Illustration division award.
John Sherffius won the Editorial Cartoon division award.
Steve Brodner won the Advertising Illustration division award.
Paul Pope won the Comic Book division award.
David Mazzucchelli won the Graphic Novel division award.

And the night’s top honor, the Reuben Award for the year’s best cartoonist, went to Dan Piraro. (See? We TOLD you he’d win!)

Congratulations to Dan and the rest of the winners!

  1. There isn’t a webcomic award?

    You might be interested in the comments on a 5/28 Daily Cartoonist blog entry. Many of them related to webcomics. David Reddick wrote:

    There are a plethora of FANTASTIC WEBCOMICS, yes, the term WEBCOMICS, you know, those comics published exclusively on the web, on ipads, on ipods… that yes, are DISTINCTLY NOT the same as newspaper comics, and yet…


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