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Daisy Ridley talks lightsabers and EPISODE IX fights with WIRED

Are lightsabers light? They should be.


Daisy Ridley, in a recent video with WIRED, teases an epic battle and gives a bit of behind the scenes info on lightsaber combat. The video kicks off with Ridley in front of a presentation she’s never seen with an intro reading: “we’ve quantified your digital footprint so that you can see the impact you’ve had on the internet.”

What follows is a fun look at how the internet and its users most frequently look up Ridley and her work. It’s all well and good – but we came here for Star WarsAbout eight minutes in, WIRED shows Ridley her most liked video on the internet: a training featurette from The Last Jedi. After admiring her guns for a second, Ridley decides to reminisce on a small detail of her combat training.

In previous films, Ridley says, the combat was more similar to fighting with broadswords (very heavy two handed weapons) rather than what it should actually be. In reality the only real weight of a lightsaber should be in its hilt since the saber is, well, made of light. That’s why The Last Jedi stunt coordinator Llian Yang opted for lightsaber props that were less weighty than their prequel counterparts.

On the topic, Ridley teases that Episode IX: Rise of Skywalker could have “perhaps one of the most epic fights in Star Wars.” It’s a tough promise to fulfill given how well done (though contested) Episode VIII’s throne room battle is. Come to think of it, the final battle between Rey and Kylo in Force Awakens is also pretty amazing.

For more from Daisy Ridley, check out the WIRED video below. Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker, and potentially the series’ most epic battle, lands in theaters December 20.

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