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Dabel Brothers sign with Del Rey


You cannot stop the Dabel Brothers! Despite having been through Image, Alias, Devil’s Due and Red Eagle Entertianment and Marvel with their line of licensed fantasy comics, they are back at the biggest house yet: Del Rey.

Dabel Brothers Publishing and Del Rey, an imprint of Ballantine Books, have announced a new agreement for distribution of Dabel Brothers graphic novels into the trade book market.

In spring 2008 the popular literary comic book publisher will launch comic book adaptations of three major properties: New York Times bestselling author Dean Koontz’s Frankenstein: Prodigal Son; Jim Butcher’s bestselling The Dresden Files; and George R.R. Martin’s Wild Cards. The graphic novel versions, to be distributed by Del Rey, will go on sale in summer/fall 2008.

The long-term arrangement will result in broader distribution for their graphic novels than they have had in the past, explains Ernst Dabel, President of Dabel Brothers Publishing. “While we will retain our autonomy and continue to operate as an individual company, we expect the Del Rey sales team to greatly expand our reach into such markets as libraries and independent bookstores.”

He added, “Dabel Brothers titles have done well historically in the comic book stores and in the book chains. We’ve had great success with George R. R. Martin’s The Hedge Knight, which was one of the bestselling graphic novels of 2004. Laurell K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter, published in July, is already one of the bestselling graphic novels of 2007. Most of the titles we’ve published have debuted in the top 200, and that was accomplished as a comic book company, with a narrow focus on the markets we knew. We’re extremely excited about our future now that we are working with Del Rey.”

Ballantine Books currently releases graphic novels under the Villard, Ballantine, Del Rey and Del Rey Manga imprints. “Graphic novels are one of our fastest-growing areas of publishing,” commented Scott Shannon, Associate Publisher of Del Rey, Mass Market and Licensing. “Dabel Brothers Publishing produces quality work that deserves a wide audience and we’re pleased to be able to provide broader distribution for their projects.” The deal was negotiated by Del Rey Editor-in-Chief Betsy Mitchell.

  1. Looks like the Dabels has been snookered. They seem to believe Del Rey has their own sales force when in fact their books will be shared among the thousands others the main RH sales force has to sell. Of course in the end it’s the quality of the books that counts and I wish them the best. Let’s hope the books actually come out.

  2. Thanks Ku. The quality of our books is about to reach the next level. We are putting in the extra effort to make sure every single page stands out. We feel really confident in what Del Rey will do for us. Not only have they started a very successful manga line, they have a list of science fiction and fantasy authors that’s second to none and years of experience in that field. It’s a great match-up for us. One thing is for certain, they are starting off with some top-notch quality material. Watch in the coming weeks for an announcement of our next big project.

  3. Just the other day I was making the remark that Martin’s “Wild Cards” should always be regarded as the predecessor of “Heroes”. The blueprint, if you will.



  4. Will the previous Wild Card comics be reissued? And who is publishing the single issues? Could we hope to see a title which adapts short stories, similar to the Ray Bradbury Chronicles and Harlan Ellison’s Dream Corridor?
    And any chance of a Mary Gentry GN? Tastefully illustrated of course…

  5. While you’re busy slagging Del Rey, Ku, why don’t you happen to mention that:

    A) You used to work for Del Rey

    B) You now work for Diamond

    C) You very much wanted Diamond to handle the distribution of the Dabel Bros., and I suspect you’re well and truly pissed that they went with Del Rey instead.

    That was a cheap shot, Ku. I’ve known you for a long time and, frankly, I expected more of you than that.


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