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PREVIEW: Here’s the first ten pages of the new CRIMINAL #1 from Brubaker and Phillips


Ed Brubaker played Santa for subscribers to his mailing list late on Christmas Eve, delivering fans the first ten pages of the forthcoming Criminal #1, the relaunched crime series by he and frequent collaborator Sean Phillips, with colors by Jacob Phillips.

Along with the preview pages, Brubaker also confirmed that Criminal #1 will be a self-contained story, while issues #2 and 3 will be a two-part story called “Bad Weekend.” He concluded the mailing with the covers for issues #2 and 3.

Brubaker doesn’t send out mailings very often, but when he does he always includes great stuff. It’s worth signing up for if you’re not already on the list. Criminal is personally my favorite work by Brubaker and Phillips, who’ve worked together on series like FataleSleeperIncognito, Kill or Be Killed, and the recent graphic novel My Heroes Have Always Been Junkies, the first work by the pair colored by Phillips’s son, Jacob.

Check out the first 10 pages for Criminal #1, and the covers for issues #2 and 3, below. Criminal #1 is due in shops on January 9th.


  1. I’ll refrain from reading just to dive deep into the whole comic just after January 9th (I hope my LCS remembers my standing order copy

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