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Creator Signing: How To Get Up Close and Huggable with The Wuvable Oaf


By Victor Van Scoit

With San Diego Comic-Con around the corner, press releases titled “San Diego Comic-Con 2015 Exclusive” are coming fast and furious (where’s Vin Diesel when we need him?). It’s safe to assume that the norm is for the best goodies to be available only at San Diego. Leave it to James Sime, the creative retailer behind The Isotope in San Francisco, to break from convention.

This Saturday, June 20th at 8PM, The Isotope will be hosting a party for creator Ed Luce in support of the recent release of Fantagraphics’ Wuvable Oaf collected hardcover. The list of exclusives available at the signing/shindig are truly unique and are sure to please fans of Wuvable Oaf or those who collect nigh impossible to acquire treasures. And for those unfamiliar with Ed or his creation check out our earlier interview with him.

Isotope Exclusive – Wuvable Oaf Cassette Tape

We’re releasing an original Wuvable Oaf album on cassette featuring two original songs written just for our event. Punk band DEATHTRAP AMERICA did the A side, recorded by a NorCal punk legend, and it’s a really fantastic Wuvable Oaf theme song… !

This two-song cassette EP is hand numbered and features room for Wuvable Oaf creator Ed Luce to sketch in your copy. Only 60 copies of this tape are being produced. And available nowhere but the Isotope!

But even if you can’t attend our event you don’t have to miss out… thanks to the generosity of these musicians we can share these Oaf tunes with all you! Stream & download the album here


Nice of them to share the music for those that can’t make it in person, but how about breaking out the old school? Start looking for your old boombox or hit the thrift stores for Sony Walkmen. I wouldn’t put it past Sime to go crazy with an 8-track tape next time

Isotope Exclusive – Wuvable Oaf Inaction Figure

We also commissioned a one of a kind original WUVABLE ED vinyl Munny inaction figure by local artist Katie Longua of MUNCHIES and MY LITTLE PONY fame

Now you can have a cute Ed Luce of your very own! Hand painted and felted by Katie Longua this vinyl inaction figure comes with a hand made box by James Sime and also features original side art by Ed himself! This truly one of a kind Oaf collectible is autographed by all the artists and will be raffled off at our event on the 20th.

This should have the My Little Pony gurus going crazy due to Katie Longua’s involvement. That’s like finding a rare B-side of your favorite band under a prior name.

Isotope Exclusive – Wuvable Oaf Bookplate

And we are debuting a bookplate by Ed Luce for those folks who haven’t picked up a copy yet.

Those seem like reasons enough to attend the event. Well that and Ed Luce himself will be there to sign and revel with fans. Quite a welcome from Ed Luce’s hometown. Click here for more details about the event including information about bands on the cassette tape, who is spinning tunes and what tasty libations await you.

Ed Luce @ Isotope
Saturday, June 20th 2015
8pm – Midnight
21+ please

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