We’re about to get out of town and looks like most everyone else has, but there are a couple of good links to keep you going over the holidays.

200912221355Tom Spurgeon is running a series of interviews with prominent comics critics, each examining one of the most prominent comics of the decade. So far: Sean T. Collins on BLANKETS; Frank Santoro on MULTIFORCE; and Bart Beaty on PERSEPOLIS. The approach is more personal than rigorous but that’s partly a function of the interview format itself.

ALSO, The Cool Kids Table is examining their comics decade as Rickey Purdin, Ben Morse, and Kiel Phegley look at the decade via the lens of a single comic. This is even more personal than the foregoing, but given the career trajectories of the participants — all former Wizard staffers, currently, respectively, marketing rep at DC, assistant editor at Marvel, news editor at Comic Book Resources — the result could be titled “The Making of the comics worker.”