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COPRA #1 launches a new ongoing for Michel Fiffe’s opus at Image

'Michel Fiffe picks up where his band of mercenaries left off...'


One of the biggest gets this year for Image Comics was Michel Fiffe’s Copra #1.

Copra had long been published in single issue by Fiffe himself, who disseminated it to readers through direct mail subscriptions via Etsy or online with ComiXology. Bergen Street Press helped the book find a wider audience with a set of collections, many of which line my own book shelves. In March of this year, however, word came down: Fiffe was bringing Copra to Image Comics, both for the reprints of the first five collections and for new single issues.

Well, the solicit information for the new Copra #1 is now here. The book will hit on Oct. 2, serving as both a continuation and a new jumping on point for unfamiliar readers. Check out the official solicit from Image’s website below, followed by the Copra #1 cover and preview artwork:

COPRA returns in the first issue of its all-new ONGOING SERIES! Acclaimed comics auteur MICHEL FIFFE picks up where his band of mercenary misfits left off, reintroducing the entire cast of his Suicide Squad-esque revenge machine in a brutal standoff against their own leader. Jump right into the thick of it with the world’s greatest action team in this extra-length debut milestone—36 pages for just $3.99!


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