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Coolest Cowboys & Aliens tie-in: Hipstamatic lens pak


While CAPTAIN AMERICA’s sugartastic ice cream and donut tie-ins have been causing a lot of comment — and cavities — here’s a new comic book movie tie-in that is frighteningly hip: a lens/case pak for Hipstamatic, the trendy and addictive photo app for iPhones that produces instantly professional-looking photos thanks to filters and levels. Director Jon Favreauannounced it on Twitter:

The new Cowboys & Aliens Hipstamatic Freepack available now. @MattyLibatique and I oversaw the look. Let us know how you like it.

Libatique is the cinematographer responsible for C&A and the favored camera-man for Favreau and Darren Aronofsky.

Although Hipstamatic will set you back $1.99, the pak — consisting of two lenses and a themed digital “camera case” is free for those who already have the app.

We’re Hipstamatic addicts here at Stately Beat Manor, and you’ve seen our ABSOLUTELY AMAZING MUCH BELOVED photos using it here many times. What do you get in the new pak?

The MATTY ALN gives you weird green hues.

While the Libatique 73 gives you a sepia-toned look based on 19th century calotypes.

So one’s a Cowboy…and one is an Alien! Get it?

Props to Favreau and Co., for an imaginative marketing tie-in.

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