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Con News: Pro registration for NYCC


This year’s con slate is fast getting nailed down for many people and we’re hearing the usual rumors, some of which we’re investigating. One which doesn’t appear to be a rumor is that as it was last year, pro reg for New York Comic-Con will be VERY early this year! The following letter has been making the rounds:

Free Registration for Professional Creators has been available online since December and will be cutoff on January 31. All Creators will be free until February 15, and then after that they’ll need to go through the exhibitor or publisher to get their badge.

The early cut-off caught some people by surprise last year, but with all the semi-pros in NYC we can understand the cut-off. Anyway, if you are a pro and want to go, get thee over to this link ASAP. Don’t say The Beat didn’t warn ya!

  1. Whenever I fill out the professional registration it tries to charge me $45, did anyone else have this problem? I’m going to call the number listed I’ll post here if they mention how to go through without being charged.

  2. My bad, sorry for the confusion I put publishing professional instead of professional creator. It is all working now. Thanks for pointing out that registration was almost up Heidi.

  3. Unlike BookExpo, also run by Reed, which hosts this blog, I did not recieve a link which filled in the information for me. A small quibble, but makes me wonder if there will be logistical problems this year. I do hope that they will eventually adopt BookExpo’s booksigning format.

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