200808051200§ Just another contender to the throne: Casey Seijas has left his position as associate editor at Vertigo to blog about comics at Splash Page, the new MTV comics blog. Kevin Melrose runs the attached photo in his announcement of the move, showing that Seijas is definitely ready for MTV, or at least the Headbanger’s Ball era.

Melrose also picks up the recent departure of Tom Palmer Jr. from DC — Palmer was a 10-plus year vet but had never risen above associate, which, traditionally, is not that unusual at DC, where toiling for years and years without making the level of editor is SOP. That tradition was recently shattered when Elisabeth Gehrlein was promoted from Associate to full Editor after a tenure of a mere one year.

We’re told assistant Stephanie Buscema also left recently.


  1. “We’re told assistant Stephanie Buscema also left recently. ”

    Not too surprising considering she’s been doing coloring work for Marvel recently.

  2. I’ll tell you who else is a genius: Liz Gehrlein. I know from experience how hard it can be to rise thru the ranks at DC, but this is a case where they recognized talent and rewarded it. Always nice to see THAT happen!

  3. Best of luck to Casey in his new gig.

    Back when I was just starting out writing, I struck up a conversation on MySpace with him and he was kind enough to not just give me the old “get thee behind me, unpublished writer!” number.

    And besides being a nice guy, he shares at least a modicum of the love I feel for Saturday Night Fever!

  4. “10-plus years”???

    Just for the record, I started at DC in July of 2000 and left one week past my 8-year anniversary. Not exactly a decade, but kinda close…

  5. Sorry Tom! I seemed to remember you being there when I started in ’99! At any rate you seemed to steady and wise beyond your very young years that you were already an institution!

    Best o luck to you.

  6. One day I will have my revenge against you, a’Mister Tom a’Palmaaahhhh…a’hee-hee!

    (and thanks for the kind words, everyone)

  7. “I hear she is working on a Marvel Apes cover.”

    Whoops! I misread that blog entry. I read Marvel Apes color rather than Marvel Apes cover.

  8. Stephanie was the Assistant Editor on CAPTAIN CARROT AND THE FINAL ARK! and I enjoyed working with her and Joey Cavalieri on the project, but I never really got to know her, her fiance Robert (or her wonderful artwork) before spending time chatting with them at SDCCI ’08.

    Steph’s now a full-time freelance illustrator. Take a look at her illustrations and read her blog — I know you’ll be extremely impressed!


    Consider me a fan!