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Coming Attractions: Marvel Announces Graphic Novels for Early 2016!



  1. I feel like some of these are re-solicits??? I know for a fact some of these were solicited for the next few months? Maybe the packaging is different.

  2. Wow — that’s a lot of product beyond the monthly comics! And a lot of it isn’t cheap. From just one publisher. For only the first few months of the year. Are there a couple of hundred mole-eyed millionaires in the country who buy all this stuff? People with second jobs just to support their comic habits?

    A lot of the items in this listing look attractive (and I might pick up one or two of these books myself), but this avalanche of material seems relentless. I know every reader isn’t buying everything (how could they?) — but is this glut really sustainable? What does the average Wednesday comic fan spend a week or a month on comics and collected editions? I remember that with $20 to $40 dollars a month I could buy most of what was on the stands and save up for the occasional paperback or hardcover collection. What would buying every new book or magazine in an average monthly issue of Previews cost now? $10,000 retail? $20,000? More?

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