So let’s take a look at Image Comics.  A bit of a comics confederation, made up of various studios, partnerships, and “resident aliens”, Image’s core is superhero based, although that core is buried deep in their current catalog.

Let’s take a look at what caught my eye.  Let me know what caught yours!


Carbon Grey, Volume 1: Sisters At War TP

Green Wake, Volume 1 TP (MR)


Moriarty, Volume 1 TP

NETHERWORLD TP [Not found on the Image Comics site.]

Super Dinosaur, Volume 1 TP

Super Dinosaur Deluxe Coloring Book

TWILIGHT GUARDIAN TP [Not found on the Image Comics site.]

Ultra Seven Days Deluxe HC (MR)

Ultra Seven Days HC (MR) Deluxe S&N Ltd Ed

Witch Doctor, Volume 1: Under The Knife TP (MR)

Bomb Queen: Gang Bang TP (MR)

Strange Girl Omnibus HC (MR)

Twisted Savage Dragon Funnies TP

Invincible Compendium, Volume 1 TP

Malinky Robot: Collected Stories & Other Bits TP

Sweets: A New Orleans Crime Story TP (MR)

The Art of Carbon Grey HC (MR)

Doc Bizarre, M.D. (MR) HC

Fearless TP (MR), Volume 1

Girls TP (MR) Complete Collection

Gladstone’s School for World Conquerors, Volume 1 TP

The Infinite, Volume 1 TP (MR)

The Art of Todd Mcfarlane: The Devil’s In the Details HC

[Not found on the Image Comics site.]


  1. The Madman book is delayed per Mike Allred’s Facebook:

    “An update from the printer tells us that the Madman 20th Anniversary Monster won’t be in shops until at least 1/18. This is distressing for a variety of reasons and frustrating for so many others. Issues with printing and shipping a book of this size that ended up beyond our control, despite all the team’s efforts to get the book turned in on time. Our apologies to everyone waiting on this book.”

  2. Netherworld’s probably not on the site currently just cause the mini still isn’t finished.

    Issue #4 MIGHT be coming out last week of the month but that isn’t confirmed yet.

  3. That’s unfortunate about the Madman book. I’ve read a digital preview, and it’s lots of fun! (And if you’re not reading iZombie, you’re missing out on a great paranormal title! Almost every issue has something new and strange! It’s like Dark Shadows, but better! Were-terriers, mod ghosts, Mean Girls vampires, a zombie underground, and dead presidents. Oh, and a chimpanzee (who is related to the were-terrier.))