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Coming Attractions: Fall 2011: Fantagraphics



Well, the Beatrix gushed over their Spring 2012 titles, so I guess I’d better review the Fall titles from Fantagraphics.

First, let me say this won’t feature everything.  I appreciate all the cool stuff they publish, but a lot of it just doesn’t interest me.  You probably have different tastes, so feel free to comment down below.  Here’s the FBI page for 2011 releases, so go take a look.  Fanta also has a bargain bin, so you’ll probably find something in your price range!  They also have special offers for new titles, so please take a look!  (If you’re going to ship your book bucks to Washington, it’s better to send them to Fantagraphics than Amazon!)  Click on the titles below to go to the official pages on the FBI website!

So, here’s what I find interesting.

For (what is hoped) the final time here on Coming Attractions:

Pogo: The Complete Syndicated Comic Strips: “Through the Wild Blue Wonder”, Volume 1

by Walt Kelly , Jimmy Breslin (Foreword by) , Steve Thompson (Introduction) , R. C. Harvey (Noted by)

Action! Mystery! Thrills!: Great Comic Book Covers 1936-45

by Greg Sadowski (Editor)

Cruisin’ with the Hound: The Life and Times of Fred Toote

by Spain Rodriguez

Jack Davis: Drawing American Pop Culture: A Career Retrospective

by Jack Davis

Oil and Water

by Steve Duin , Shannon Wheeler , Bill McKibben (Introduction)
by Carl Barks
by Alexander Theroux
by Jacques Tardi
[When will Luc Besson’s movie be released in the U.S.?]
by Floyd Gottfredson , David Gerstein (Editor) , Gary Groth (Editor)
by Bill Schelly (Editor) , Joe Kubert (Illustrator)
by Gahan Wilson
by Jim Woodring , Francis Ford Coppola (Introduction)
[Available in both paperback and hardcover editions.]
by Marti , Art Spiegelman (Introduction)

500 Portraits

by Tony Millionaire

by Olivier Schrauwen
by Eric Reynolds (Editor)

Like a Sniper Lining Up His Shot

by Jacques Tardi (Illustrator) , Jean-Patrick Manchette

The Hidden

by Richard Sala
by Drew Friedman , Jeffrey Ross (Introduction)
by Carl Richter

Is That All There Is?

by Joost Swarte , Chris Ware (Introduction)

Young Romance: The Best of Simon & Kirby’s Romance Comics

by Jack Kirby , Joe Simon , Michel Gagne (Editor)

Mr. Twee Deedle: Raggedy Ann’s Sprightly Cousin: The Forgotten Fantasy Masterpieces of Johnny Gruelle

by Johnny Gruelle , Rick Marschall (Editor) , Tony Millionaire (Introduction)

by Ernie Bushmiller , Daniel Clowes (Introduction)
by Diane Noomin
by Blake Bell (Editor) , Bill Everett (Illustrator)
by Bill Griffith
by Flannery O’Connor , Kelly Gerald (Editor) , Barry Moser (Foreword by)

  1. FLANNERY OCONNOR was a cartoonist!?! Wow!

    Lotsa awesome stuff from Fantagraphics! So exciting. I just wish more of it went straight to paper. I am so not into hardcover books. That’s just me, tho.

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