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Coming Attractions: DC Announces DC You Trades, Plus Lots of Classics for Early 2016!



  1. I think it’s pretty interesting that DC opted to restart the Superman volume numbering for the Yang/Romita run, but didn’t restart the numbering on the actual title (they did the same for the new Batgirl team). I wonder what the rationale is behind the decision to do one but not the other.

  2. Two questions:
    – Where’s the “8-page sneak peek chapter” in most of these books? Only Cyborg vol. 1 has it listed in its contents.
    – Why is the Batman by Neal Adams Omnibus missing The Brave and the Bold #102? This story was missing from the 3-volume set and the DC Universe by Neal Adams collection, too.

  3. “See why Lee is considered the greatest artist of his generation.” By whom? Who else is in that “generation”? This is a pretty outrageous claim to make.

    So Wonder Woman: Earth One won’t be for sale in the U.K.? Why?

    It’s hard to imagine sales for Vertigo series getting much better now that they’ve pushed the price of single issues up to $4. Who wouldn’t just wait for the trade of the first six issues of something like Art Ops when it’s priced at $15–and easy to order online at one third to one half off? That works out to about the retail price of two single issues. Sorry, comics shops!

    Out of curiosity, do all of DC’s hardcovers, including the so-called deluxe editions, still have those cheaply glued, far too tight spines that make any full-bleed art, not to mention double-page spreads, a complete pain to read? That alone would put me off buying anything.

  4. Mike: Brave and the Bold #102 is missing probably because Adams only illustrated the final seven pages of the story (finishing it up for regular artist Jim Aparo.)

  5. You’re right, Charlie (though it was actually 8 pages) – but considering how ridiculously complete the DC Adams collections have otherwise been, it seems an odd thing to leave out.

    (Then again, the recent Deadman softcovers omitted the ’80s reprint covers and some text from the hardcover, and the early GL/GA collections overlooked Adams’ final Green Lantern short story from Flash #226. DC has a long history of overlooking noteworthy material in its collections of classic material.)

  6. That WW Earth One solicit doesn’t exactly inspire confidence. Contributor bio doesn’t even mention Yanick and the summary is like HEY REMEMBER SUPERMAN AND BATMAN?

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  8. No mention of Action Comics and Superman/WonderWoman. :( – though looking at the entry for Superman, methinks 41-46 on both counts is a safe bet. Thanx for the info on Batgirl and Catwoman, #46/#47 will be my last issues with them.

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