ComicsPRO, the organization for comics retaielrs, held it’s conference last week, and Matt Price has a bunch of posts on the public presentations. Scroll back for reports on presentations by DC, the Hero Initiative, Graphitti Designs, and the CBLDF, among others. There’s bits of news scattered throughout, like this from Jeff Smith:

In May, “Stupid Stupid Rat Tales” and “Rose” will come back into print from Cartoon Books. At some point, a color version including some of the Rat Tales with a new framing sequence will come from Scholastic. Smith’s latest series, “RASL,” sold about 24,000, Smith said. After surveying the audience, Smith said he planned on reprinting “RASL” No. 1. Each three-issue arc will be collected in oversized trade paperbacks of about 110 pages. Another new product from Cartoon Books is a 2-foot plush of Fone Bone, the hero of “Bone,” which will sell for about $40.