Diamond released their comparative numbers for the first quarter vs last year, and it was all good. Total sales were up 7.3% in Q1 2012 vs Q1 2011, led by comics (up +14.8%) and graphic novels (+6%).

Free Comic Book Day also showed explosive growth, over 3.5 million free books ordered, up from 2.7 million in 2011. That’s the biggest growth ever for this day of industry outreach.


  1. Yes, they love free stuff and come in once a year to the comic store to get their free book and maybe one of the other FCBD books for around .25 cents each depending on how the store sells them. Then don’t show up again till the following year.

  2. Great numbers for only 1 day. The other 364 days, many of that majority there for the freebies never return to the stores or order more books online. If they did, a lot more work would be around for those in need of it.

    My 2 cents…

  3. With Free comic book day I think sites like The Beat, Bleeding Cool,Newsarama and the rest should give the comic book shop owner who made it possible credit.
    If it wasn’t for Joe Field there would not be a Free comic book day. Joe has always backed the comic book industry. By bringing new artist and writers into his store and promoting their work. I can remember Joe had Stan Lee, Jim Lee and so many other to promote comic books.He helped organize Wonder Con.
    I think it should always note how a comic book shop got involved and made this happen for the industry, not the comic book industry trying to get fans.
    Thanks Joe!!!!

  4. Thanks, Arrowshaft!

    There are 2000 retailers in 40 countries working to make FCBD a special event, so I want to give each and every one of them a shout-out.

    There are more than 1 MILLION people who will attend FCBD this year, and hopefully their experiences in local comic shops will lead them to returning week after week.

    And kudos to Diamond for coordinating FCBD.They do a very difficult job extremely well— especially when 3.5 million additional comics need to be shifted in a three week period. That’s some heavy lifting!

    Knowing that so many of those who read this site are very entrenched in all things comic book related, I’d ask you to do your best to keep promoting the comics you love to anyone who has not yet been converted to being a regular comics reader.

    Thanks, one and all!

  5. @Amin Amat: You might consider reading the rest of the article, particularly the opening paragraph that states, “Total sales were up 7.3% in Q1 2012 vs Q1 2011, led by comics (up +14.8%) and graphic novels (+6%).”

  6. @e.s.: I did. But what charts say and what really occur in store are 2 different facets and I’ve seen/heard it from San Francisco all the way back here in San Juan, PR.