The company, he said, plans to produce its content via partnerships with freelance creators, book packagers, and media production houses to bring a wide range of original story concepts to market. “We’re publishers at heart, so a lot of our properties will use books as a starting point and we’ll use our contacts across different media to start conversations with potential partners,” Longo explained.

Johnson said “we don’t want to force a story into a format or platform,” adding, “We focus on the property, studying the story, and decide: on what platform and in which format best tells this story.”

Barwick said the core mission of Endpaper Entertainment will be “creating and telling the stories in the best and most appropriate way we can for each property. At Endpaper, we are fans and consumers of a lot of movies, television, books, games, and everything else under the sun. We look at what types of properties we love – and what we’d like to see.”