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Comics Crowdfunding Round-Up: VICIOUS CIRCUS, THE ART OF VALHALLA, and 3 more projects we love

Check out a few holiday-themed projects, some spooky tales, and action/adventure stories


Welcome to December and this month’s first crowdfunding round-up! This week, I’m taking over for Managing Editor Joe Grunenwald to bring you some exciting books to back on Kickstarter. Let’s get started!



Vicious Circus 2021 Christmas Special-Holiday Clown Horror

Creators: Kevin LaPorte (writer), Carlos Tron (artist), Daniele Caramanico (colors)
Goal: $3000
End Date: December 15, 2021
Goodies: Digital and physical copies (softcover and hardcover) as well as digital bundles that include other Vicious Circus editions and more from Inverse Press.

When a mall Santa goes rogue to grant a desperate Christmas wish, he enters the hunting grounds of the clowns of the Vicious Circus.

Become a backer here. 

The Art of Valhalla, vol. 1 -The Awakening of the Dragons

Creators: Jose Roman
Goal: $9636
End Date: December 29, 2021
Goodies: HD wallpapers, signed copies (Spanish and English versions), prints, lithographs, and more.

Norse mythology artbook and sketchbook with a story to tell, based on the text of the Eddas 

Become a backer here. 

Murder City Devil

Creators: Evan Quiring (writer, artist), Diego Vazquez (colors)
Goal: $552
End Date: December 26, 2021
Goodies: Digital and physical copies, signed copies, original sketches, art packs.

Legendary Boogeyman, Spring-Heeled Jack, is resurrected in the 21st century to wreak havoc on Murder City’s criminal underworld!

Become a backer here. 

Highbrow: A Short Comic Anthology

Creators: Let’s Make Comics collective (Tracy Welch, Celina Barajas, Quinn Stephens, and more)
Goal: $2500
End Date: January 8, 2022
Goodies: Digital and physical copies as well as buttons, prints, and copies of previous anthologies from the comic collective

A short comic anthology by ten fancy Chicago-based creators

Become a backer here. 

Oh My Ghost Webtoon

Creators: Arlene Ushiku (GhostMaya)
Goal: $1496
End Date: January 31, 2022
Goodies: Digital and physical copies, wallpapers, and pinups.

A wholesome webtoon series about a human guy and the ghost lady living together in a haunted house

Become a backer here. 

Here are some already-funded projects worth checking out:

And don’t forget to check out last week’s campaigns:

And finally, here are some projects that haven’t launched yet, but that look to be worth keeping an eye on:

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