As reported here and a few other places, the San Diego Padres baseball team’s schedule for July 16th contained an intriguing item called “Comic-Con Night.” Which sounds promising. Sadly, it is just a mistake on the Padres schedule, according to SDCC spokesman David Glanzer.

Although the con and the Padres had been in talks for a joint event of some kind, it couldn’t be pulled together in time, said Glanzer. “It’s a shame because it would be a great idea; hopefully next year,” he told The Beat. So it will be a whole 12 months before the jock and the nerd come together in wondrous celebration of all they share.


  1. A couple of years back, I rode a Trolley with Klingons and Klesko fans on the way to the Con. I got on the Old Town station, and all of us emptied at the Gaslamp stop— jocks to PETCO, and nerds across to the Convention Center…

    And one year we even went to a game AFTER the Con, and saw people there still wearing their lanyard badges: so yeah, the two populations do mix!

  2. While the convenience of Petco being across the Convention Center is great, I enjoyed riding the trolley out to jack Murphy to see games.

    For the first couple years I went to Comic-Con, going to the Padres games were the only non-con things I did.

    now, I know better. :>

  3. And Ryan Klesko gets his first ever mention on The Beat.

    Oooh, let me play some more: Jake (The Snake) PeavyKhalil (Robot Vulcan/
    Spicoli, Jr.) Greene
    Dave (Yeah-I-played-for-the-YANKEES-but-entered-the-HoF-in-a-San-Diego-uni) WinfieldKen (medicinal steroids, dammit!) Caminiti

    And ABOVE ALL: Tony (Mr. 3.5 hole) Gwynn!

    /doffs my SD PADS cap