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Comic-Con adds shuttles, helps with parking


Via PR, due to the great number of hotels outside the usual shuttle route at this year’s con, CCI is expanding the shuttle route, expanding bag check hours and facilitating advance parking permit purchases. All these changes will make getting to and from the con, if not easy, at least easier. You can read all about it in the PR below, but it’s of some note that the shuttle costs are being partially paid by Travel Planners — it’s no secret that Travel Planners kind of screwed things up this year, with what was supposed to be a first come, first served hotel system being changed to a willy nilly lottery.

Comic-Con International, North America’s largest comic book and popular arts convention, today announced an expanded shuttle route for guests staying at hotels outside of the downtown area, as well as advanced reserved parking options for those driving to the show.

“The hotel reservation situation this year didn’t go as well as it should have,” commented David Glanzer, spokesperson for the nonprofit event. “As a result many people who expected to be closer to the downtown area found themselves in hotels farther away. For this reason we have expanded our shuttle route to help accommodate those who are staying at Mission Valley and Shelter Island hotels.”

The expanded shuttle route will service hotels in the Mission Valley and Shelter Island areas and is made possible, in part, by a generous contribution from Travel Planners. To provide faster service, the shuttle route for Mission Valley will run from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm from a location near the Omni Hotel (at the foot of L Street in downtown San Diego). Using this drop point during heavy daytime traffic periods will increase the frequency of shuttles from every 30–60 minutes to every 15–20 minutes for most hotels. After 8:00 pm this shuttle route will originate from the Convention Center front driveway.

In addition to the expanded shuttle route, Comic-Con is expanding Bag Check services at the Convention Center. From Thursday through Saturday, Bag Check will be open until 2:00 am so attendees can check their bags while taking part in evening activities.

To assist those who choose to drive to the event, Comic-Con has arranged with ACE and Five Star, two of the largest downtown parking companies, to offer advanced purchase of parking permits at many of downtown’s parking areas. As with all parking lots, in and out privileges do not apply. To take advantage of the advanced parking permit option, please visit http://www.thepermitstore.com/comic-con/event/

  1. Finally! A con shuttle between downtown and Hotel Circle! Whee! It’s needed one for years — and I did some advance planning for the bus routes when I was booking my hotel a couple of days before Hoteloween and the state’s budget crisis had resulted in the elimination of the Sunday buses through hotel circle, which would make it all-but impossible for anyone without a car to even make it to either the Fashion Valley or Old Town trolley stops, depending on which side of the circle you were staying on.

    — Rob

  2. This is nice to see, since when I checked the shuttle route last they had removed my usual hotel (Sheraton Suites) from the route. Though the shuttle was practically useless last year as it was constantly full (sometimes waiting for 3 buses).

  3. Having been spoiled by first-come first-serve –working– the past 3 years, I dutifully was there, reserving my rooms @ opening bell – & got my 14th? choice. Very glad to have gotten anything w/in 5 miles of the convention center, given all the hassles this year. As the earliest person up of my company, the one who always opens the table – fucking vexed. Walking 2 miles in the morning to Geekapalooza is a lot draggier than just crossing the street.

    Mind you I realize this year I have it better than most, still. A lotta folks are not even in San Diego proper. But grrr.

  4. With all the bizarre events surrounding hotels, the competing events at the Hyatt, and the early sell-out of admissions- I’m surprised that you can still buy parking passes for the Convention Center itself.

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