While it’s been known for a while that distributor Cold Cut had been sold to a Chicago-based concern, the identity of said concern was not public knowledge until now: it’s Rogue Wolf, hitherto known mostly as a publisher of comics on the web. According to the PR “Rogue Wolf Entertainment, Inc was founded in 2006 with the idea of creating comics for comic fans. They currently produce three web-comic titles. With this new addition to their corporate portfolio, their focus will be on helping their fellow creators and valued supporters succeed and hopefully improve the comics industry as a whole in the process.”
Here’s the rest of the press release:

As you read this, thousands of comics are being packed up and shipped from their old home in Salinas, CA to their new home in Chicago, IL. Cold Cut Distribution, the leading distributor of independent and small to mid-size press comics in the United States, has sold their company assets to Rogue Wolf Entertainment.

Retailers can still access the online ordering system at www.ColdCut.com, but be advised that Cold Cut will not be able to fulfill new orders while the inventory is still being moved and set up in the new warehouse.“We expect to be back up to full speed by the end of February,” said Lance Stahlberg, Vice President of Rogue Wolf. “We’ve already begun to reach out to customers and publishers, making sure inventory gaps are kept to a minimum as we rebuild.”

“I’d been looking for someone who could take the company to the next level, and Lance and his team are exactly the right people for the job,” said Cold Cut’s owner,Mark Thompson. “Having Cold Cut located in Chicago will cut shipping times and costs for most of our customers and suppliers, and makes more sense for the entire

The new owners will continue to offer the same flat discount rate to retailers, and will seek to extend the same terms to all new accounts with previous Cold Cut customers.“As a team, we bring twenty-four years experience in the distribution business combined with a first-hand understanding of the needs of independent publishers to the table,” Lance added. “We have the resources to take this company to new heights.”


  1. Wow. I honestly thought Cold Cut was gonna be one of those main staples in comics (no puin intended) almost forever.

  2. I figured a “real” book distributor would buy them. Remember those rumors about the big guys wanting a piece of the action? I thought this was their chance to get in the game.